Sam Rowell, b.1975                                   PDF

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, cum laude 1997

Los Angeles Contemporary Archives, Los Angeles, CA.  04/28/23 Jake Meginsky • Sam Rowell

Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA.  12/08/22   Call of the Chromophore   6-part performance series

Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA.  11/19/2021-12/19/2021 Dissolving the Sky 30-part performance series

And/Or Gallery, Pasadena, CA 07/ Dark Energy & Spectral Redshift: A History of the Universe, as told by Cosmic Radiation

Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA. 03/01/2020.  Kim Gordon • Sam Rowell

Distribution Hall, Austin, TX.  09/18/19  Looking Through the Gravity Lens: An Evocation of Sound as Radiant Energy

Eternal 30 Festival, Houston, TX.  09/06/19-09/08/19  Trichromatic Phenomena in the Service of Induced Color 9-part performance series

Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA.  01/18/19-01/20/19  Persistence of Vision:  Luminous Flux at the Event Horizon  7-part performance series

Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA.  09/06/18-09/08/18  Color Objectivism, Harmonic Distortion, and the Illusion of the Noise-free System, Vol.2   6-part performance series

Panel L.A., Los Angeles, CA. 11/04/17  PSYCHO JAZZ in L.A. – Night Four. Curated by Wolf Eyes and Tim Leanse

Getty Center Los Angeles, CA. 06/13/17 Friday Flights. Installation and performance in Central Garden

Coaxial Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, CA. 06/01/17.  Curated by VOLUME

Panel L.A., Los Angeles, CA. 12/04/16 Soft Opening.  Curated by Chiara Giovando

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. 02/13/16 Los Angeles Art Book Fair.  Curated by John Burtle

The Velaslavay Panorama, Los Angeles, CA. 10/17/15. Color Objectivism, Harmonic Distortion, and the Illusion of the Noise-free System as part of Dog, Lights, and Sewing Machine curated by Lun*na Menoh

Pieter, Los Angeles, CA. 07/19/15 Have you ever heard the sound of an iceberg melting? Collaboration with Lucky Dragons and Tara Jane O’Neil based on scores by Pauline Oliveros

Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 07/18/15 X POLY NATION. Organized in collaboration with New Art Dealers Alliance

Lookout FM: KGAP 96.7 LP-FM, KLDB 99.1 LP-FM, and KFQM 101.5 LP-FM Co-Director and Lead Engineer.  November 2021 - Present

Special Collections. Monthly sound collage broadcast on KCHUNG 1630 AM and kchungradio.org, Los Angeles, CA. July 2014 - Present

Centre for Contemporary Arts, 87.9 FM. Glasgow, Scotland. S. Selection, Radiophrenia Festival, 2023

Centre for Contemporary Arts, 87.9 FM. Glasgow, Scotland. Sounds of Sirens: The Audio Landscape of Civil Defense. Selection, Radiophrenia Festival, 2017

Wave Farm, WGXC 90.7 FM. Acra, NY Chasing Waterfalls: Software Defined Radio. Selection, Short Waves/Long Distance, 30th Shortwave Listeners Festival, 2017

dublab, dublab.com, Los Angeles, CA. Tribute to the Triforium. special presentation. 02/26/14

WMBR 88.1 FM, Cambridge, MA. Late Risers Club. Weekly Program. 2003

WMFO 91.5 FM, Medford, MA . First Internet Broadcast of Live Performance of Erik Satie’s Vexations. Engineer. 2001

WHRB 95.3 FM, Cambridge, MA. Record Hospital. Weekly Program. 1993-2000

Eloe Omoe. Bass Player 1996-Present
Contrabass solo and ensemble performer 1991-Present

Sam RowellDissolving the Sky 5 16-hour digital release of recordings from the month-long performance series of same name.  Self Released. 2022
Special Collections.  LRH: In His Own Words CassetteSelf Released.  2021  
Special Collections. Selections from the Peoples Temple Archives Cassette. KCHUNG Tapes. 2014
Eloe Omoe. Marauders LP/CD. Animal Disguise Recordings. 2007
Eloe Omoe. Self-Titled Cassette. Animal Disguise Recordings. 2006
Eloe Omoe. Untitled. Infrasound. 2003

Zebulon.   Los Angeles, CA.   02/20/2020 with Sunburned Hand of the Man
Lawndale Art Center.  Houston, TX.  09/23/2019 with John Alan Kennedy
Handbag Factory.  Los Angeles, CA.  08/16/2019 with Rubber 0 Cement
Non Plus Ultra.  Los Angeles, CA. 03/28/2018 with Bill Nace/Kathleen Kim
Zebulon. Los Angeles, CA. 11/02/17 PSYCHO JAZZ in L.A. with Wolf Eyes - Night Two
Handbag Factory. Los Angeles, CA.  06/15/16 International Noise Conference Los Angeles 2016
The Echo. Los Angeles, CA. 01/29/15 with Body/Head
Rudyards. Houston, TX. 04/29/13 with Thrones
OCCII. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 04/05/12 with Drum Eyes
North Door. Austin, TX. 02/15/12 with Cut Hands
Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY. 05/09/09  usaisamonster Final Show
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Detroit, MI. 12/2006 with Midlife Vacation
Casa del Popolo. Montreal, Québec. 04/01/06 with Sunburned Hand of the Man
The Hook, Brooklyn, NY. 03/19/06 No Fun Fest 2006
Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA. 01/14/03 with Thurston Moore/Brian Chippendale Duo
7 Sherman Street, Charlestown, MA. 10/12/02 A Night for Naked Eardrums
Advocate House. Cambridge, MA. 04/19/02 with Wolf Eyes.
Harvest Co-op. Allston, MA. 12/98 with Deerhoof
Fat Day House. Somerville, MA. 12/96 with Lightning Bolt

Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 05/27/18 Curated by Lucas Gorham.
Summer Terrace, Los Angeles, CA. 06/03/16 Open Mouth Records presents. Curated by Bill Nace
Infrasound, Charlestown, MA. 07/27/06 Chris Corsano • Greg Kelley • Sam Rowell • The Absurder

Sarah Hennies. Projection and Amplification. Fresh Arts, Houston, TX. 11/11/12
Keith Rowe Ensemble. 14 Pews, Houston, TX. 10/10/12
Sandy Ewen Ensemble. Re-Surfaced: Surf Music Reimagined. New Media Art and Sound Summit. Austin, TX. 06/15/12
Richard Lerman. Travelon Gamelon. University of Houston Systems of Sustainability Conference. Houston, TX. 06/30/09
Devil Music Ensemble In C.  Berwick Research Institute, Boston, MA.