Sam Rowell is a musician, visual artist, and creative broadcaster.  Rowell creates immersive, performance-based sound/light experiences, plays bass in radical improv duo Eloe Omoe, and produces a monthly live sound collage broadcast called Special Collections on KCHUNG Radio in Los Angeles.  

Utilizing analog electronics and site-specific colored lighting arrangements, Rowell melds lush and undulating color fields with ever-evolving layers of abstract and dissonant sounds.  The combination of sensory stimuli catalyzes an experience that is both meditative and dissociative, creating a space for the eyes, ears, and mind to explore the subjective nature of perception.

This year’s iterations of Rowell’s sound/light practice include Looking Through the Gravity Lens: An Evocation of Sound as Radiant Energy presented at Distribution Hall in Austin, TX, Trichromatic Phenomena in the Service of Induced Color presented at the Eternal 30 festival in Houston, TX and Persistence of Vision: Luminous Flux at the Event Horizon, presented at Hunter Shaw Fine Art in Los Angeles.